This planet is a gift to mankind

We need to start treating it like that.


My name is Stefan Christmann and I was born in beautiful Koblenz/Germany in 1983. I had my first contact with nature photography during a student exchange with the US state Montana in 2002. While visiting Yellowstone National Park I took the first consciously composed photograph of my life with a little digital point and shoot camera. However, I quickly realized, that it was impossible for me to capture what I had just seen with this little device.

Starting out as a digital photographer at first, I traveled back in time and began using film again. My dad gave me his fully manual Minolta SRT303b SLR camera, which taught me the functionalities of aperture and shutter speed, as well as correct focussing and composition. Today I solely shoot digital.

In 2005 I experienced the first highlight of my hobby: as the first international student ever, I received a nature photography scholarship from the North American Nature Photography Association NANPA. Meeting some of the most famous and renowned nature photographers in the world was a life-altering experience. Nature photography became a passion.

In 2011 I experienced the next major highlight in my life as a nature photographer. I got the chance to stay in Antarctica for 15 month (Dec 2011 – Feb 2013) and work as an overwinterer on the German Antarctic Research Station Neumayer III. For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to document and experience a remote eco-system without any interruptions. Some of my photos from these days can be found in my Antarctica gallery. However the pictures can only convey a fraction of the beauty that this place has to offer.

Being on assignment for the BBC Natural History Unit, In 2017 I will return to Antarctica in order to film and photograph this place again. This time, I will document the life of the emperor penguins from their birth until they reach their adulthood for 11 months as part of a three person film-team.


Artist Statement

In my photographs I try to capture the beauty of nature and these short, wonderful moments which will only last for a second and never come back. To me, nature is the most captivating part of our existence. It is beautiful and cruel it is inviting, it is inviting and yet inaccessible. Nature is full of marvelous things that we can never fully understand but only admire.


Most of the time my images show the beauty of places, wildlife or plants. Sometimes however, my pictures exceed this documentary aspect and capture a unique moment in time. It is these moments which fuel my passion for photography and which I would like to share with as many people as possible.