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On this site I would like to present to you a selection of my photographic work.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay on this website and that my images will encourage you to go out yourself and experience nature.


Best regards,
Stefan Christmann


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If you are interested in licensing my photos for your own usage you can directly contact me via the contact form on this website or browse through a selection of my images at the following stock photo agencies.


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Thank You

Special thanks go out to the companies who support me in the realization of my photographic vision.

EIZO is Japanese for image. Founded in 1968, we develop and manufacture high-end display products and other solutions for markets such as business, healthcare, graphics, air traffic control, and maritime. While the customers that we serve are many, our mission is always the same – to create imaging solutions that enrich people in their professional and personal lives.

Meyer-Optik-Görlitz lenses focus on one thing and one thing only: the soul of photography. Our standard is the unique character of the images created, far from pixel competitions and time pressure.

Tools that inspire us to use them, that stimulate creativity, that bring us pleasure as soon as we take them into our hands, are more than a means to an end for their owners. Their value triggers emotions that affect the work. They give the owner the assurance that he has made the best possible choice. NOVOFLEX creates such tools for photographers.

Professionals the world over acknowledge Gitzo tripods, monopods, heads and accessories as setting the industry’s standards for excellence. Innovations such as the first uses of carbon and basalt fiber to make tripods and magnesium to make heads, matched with a design policy of “no gimmicks and no compromise on quality” put Gitzo products in a class of their own.

Our air activated warmers, gloves and insoles guarantee the very best protection from the cold whilst participating in all outdoor activities – hunting, sports, work etc. Our products have been developed for use in the heart of the Alps where our headquarters are located. We test our products on a regular basis and the results are positive in even the harshest of conditions. THE HEAT company® products do not require any cumbersome boiling or charging as many of the products from our competitors. They are completely free of any toxic chemicals and are made of the highest quality materials. The results are functional, safe and high quality products.